Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Why Zero Waste?

The Zero Waste philosophy believes that products should be designed, produced, distributed and recycled with minimal impact to the environment. With the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle concept, consumers make disposal options, by reducing trash, reusing what we can and recycling waste. Zero Waste takes it one step further. With responsible design and management of a product’s complete lifecycle, it attempts to make waste levels drop to “zero”.

 I started Trove of Gaia after being moved and inspired by its movement founder, Bea Johnson. I believe it has been a long time coming after constantly seeing the people absently taking plastic bag after plastic bag for their grocery shopping. Did you know for each piece taken, it takes about 300 years for it to break down? That's almost 3-4 lifetimes! But sadly, I don't our earth can sustain itself that long.

I didn't want to leave that kind of wasteful future legacy for my children; instead I want to I'll be honest that this new lifestyle choice takes time and commitment but it can begin if you can start by making small changes.

Refuse: Opt out for junk mail. Decline freebies from events or taking the hotel shampoo and shower gels. Use a bamboo or metal straw instead of disposable ones.

Reduce: Cycle or walk to places. Buy only what you need and not because there is a good sale or fashion fad.

Reuse: DIY and remake left over makeup jars and bottles into jellwery storage and vases. Old tees can be cut up into 5 x 5 squares as fabric rags for cleaning or personal use.

Recycle: For items that cannot be repurposed, sort them accordingly before tossing into the disposal.
Alternatively, you can donate old or rarely used items to your local thrift store or charity.

Rot: If your area allows for a compost, you can sort items that are paper and food wastes so that it can slowly be decomposed the natural way and return back to earth.


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  2. Love your sentiments - especially walking places - and even re-locating so you live inner city so you are using public transport exclusively. Far too many of us want big houses out in the burbs which means two or more cars per household.
    Thank You


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